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What Adventure Looks Like:

an Art Adventure Club Retrospective zine catalogue series

The Art Adventure Club's own Call for Artists!

Art Adventurers respond to the prompt, "What Adventure Looks Like."


The COVID-19 Pandemic gives us a unique opportunity to capture history through the lens of the Art Adventure Club (AAC). What DID adventure look like for AAC members during this pandemic? 


This first volume will kick off the AAC's long-term zine catalogue project. As the collection grows over the coming years, our hope is that we will be able to look back through it all to see how we have grown and changed, or maybe we will find that adventure doesn’t really change? 


We are excited to showcase a sample of your work, your view of adventure, in this collection! It is amazing to see a cross-section of current artists of all levels, styles, 



Please submit your artistic response to the prompt, “What adventure looks like during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The piece you submit must be created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - while your work does not need to be COVID-19 or pandemic specific, we do want this to be a retrospective of your view of the concept of adventure during this time in our lives. As this publication is for print, all visual art forms, including written word, will be accepted. 


Before submitting, please ensure that your work does not use any copyrighted logos (i.e. sports teams, beer brands, businesses, etc.), or likenesses (i.e. Patrick Mahomes, Quinton Lucas, the person who serves as a the president, etc). 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the inclusive nature of AAC, we respectively ask that you err on the side of caution by not including explicit content in the work you submit for this publication. Submissions displaying messages of a derogatory, hateful, violent or sexually explicit nature will not be included in AAC publications, artists will be notified of this decision. 


Our plan is three-fold:

  • Benefit to artists: 

    • Provide a catalyst or creative prompt for artists of all kinds to create adventure focused art. 

    • Provide a unique platform for participating artists to showcase one piece of work from the specified time frame. 

  • Benefit to Art Adventure Club: 

    • Each zine will serve as a historical record keeping device during a specific time frame, by compiling artwork (of all kinds, from a variety of artists) that answers the question, “What Adventure Looks Like.”

    • An outward facing product that can double as a recruitment tool for AAC members. 

  • Benefit to patrons (anyone who purchases/receives the zine):

    • Provide a tangible, collectible catalogue of art in a unique format that AAC zine patrons can use to learn a bit about the participating artists and hopefully become a patron of a specific artist(s) in the future.


  • For all entries:

    • This work was created by you Feb - May 2020.

    • Must respond to the prompt, "What Adventure Looks Like During COVID-19 Pandemic."

    • All participants must be 18 years or older.

    • Page Size format - The zine will be formatted for booklet fold on standard 8.5"x11" paper = the work on each page will be approximately 5”x 7”

    • Do NOT submit a piece that uses any copyrighted logos (Chiefs, Corona Beer, etc), or celebrity likenesses (Mahomes, Quinton Lucas, etc), or plagiarises written content, unless proof of approval for use in this project can be included with your submission. 

    • Submissions with a derogatory, hateful, violent or sexually explicit nature will not be included. 

  • Requirements for Written works:

    • If formatting is not an important component to your piece, please submit a text document, rather than a pdf, so that we may reformat it to appropriately fit the zine pages. ​

    • If formatting is an important component to your piece, please submit a pdf that is able to appropriately fit  

  • Requirements for Image works:

    • Hi-resolution PDF 

    • 300 DPI

    • Full-color is good, however we encourage you to keep in mind that this zine will be promoted to be available as a digital download, ready for print-at-home. 

  • Requirements for coloring page:

    • Drawn in solid, black lines with spaces open for coloring ​


  • Two options will be available for order on AAC website 

    • Digital download/print-at-home version with directions on how to do hand binding

    • Printed & hand bound by Alexis - shipped to the buyer 

  • One copy of each retrospective will be printed, hand bound and donated to the LaBudde Special Collections Library - Zine Collection at UMKC


  • What is a zine? It is traditionally a self-published, non-commerical printed booklet. Usually they are hand bound or simply stapled. 

  • What is a patron? A person that shows support in some way (financial, or otherwise) to a person, cause, activity, or organization. 

  • Will this be curated/juried? Sort of. All submissions will be assessed for appropriateness to this project, but all submissions that respond to the prompt and fit within the rules of this will be included.  

Art & Adventure are everywhere!

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