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Join in this awesome citizen historian project of building up and maintaining the Smithsonian’s database of all American public art! 


Public Art Inventory Survey training is available through the Art Adventure Club. 

  • To achieve this badge you must help complete 6 surveys. These may be completed on your own or with other people. 

  • Your participation & achievement is verified by sending a copy of the completed surveys to AAC leadership. Please double-check that the surveys are totally complete. Please include photographs & date of survey

Hive Page Documentation:

  • In celebration of your achievement, on your hive page include your own artwork (photo, sketch, painting, drawing, link to performance piece, poem, etc) of each art piece you surveyed. Get ideas on the Documentation Inspiration page.  




Launched Nov 2, 2019 - Legends Outlets Kansas City, 1843 Village West Pkwy, KC, KS 66111

  • Launch Training attendees - Alexis Webb Bechtold, Kat Ramsey, Paul Benson (Instructor), Joanie Shields, Jocelyn Ball-Edson, Dan Ney

  • Original facebook event description: In conjunction with City of Fountains Foundation, we will be trained to survey public art by Paul Benson, retired conservator from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Paul will show us how to measure, photograph and gather information about public art that will then be sent to the Smithsonian and placed on their American Art Inventories website ( ).


This is a training for an on-going project. We will have the opportunity to practice our new skills throughout the Legends Outlet shopping center. Then, we will be released to survey other public art around the KC Metro! Wahoo!


*Where*: Meet at the large fountain out in front of the main entrance to the AMC Legends movie theater.


*What to wear*: This is a rain or shine (or snow) event. Wear weather appropriate clothing, as this event is outdoors in the shopping center.


*Who*: This training is appropriate for teens through adults.


*Physical level of activity*: There will be some walking (can be done at your own pace), but there will not be any strenuous physical activity.


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