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Hive Pages

Art Adventure Club Merit Badges are a great catalyst for learning new skills, making friends, and celebrating your awesome achievements! You are welcome to complete your merit badges alone. However, part of the point of joining any club (especially when you join Art Adventure Club) is to make new friends who share your interests. 

To participate:

You will complete a “Hive Page” to document your merit badge achievement. The Hive symbolizes your experience of building up and collecting the skills and experiences that contribute to a full, exciting life, a life filled with art and adventure. Your Hive Page records each part of the merit badge as it is achieved.

  • The center hexagon is to be left blank. This space is reserved for the final merit badge image, once all 6 of the other hexagons are filled appropriately for that merit badge. 

  • Fill the other 6 hexagons of the honeycomb as you complete each badge requirement.

Art & Adventure are everywhere!

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