The Art Adventure Club encourages all types of documentation as you achieve your merit badges. This list is not exhaustive at all, it is simply intended as a catalyst to your great ideas of possible ways to document your adventures.


Hive Page: To achieve AAC Merit Badges, you must complete a hive page for each badge. The outer ring of hexagons serve to document your achievements leading up to completion of all of the requirements for the entire badge. That image will be placed in the center of the hive upon badge completion. Hive pages are designed to be your ephemeral record of your achievements either kept in the full sheet set up, or you may cut it out & fold it into a hexagon mini-book. 


You may document your achievements in whatever manner you find most appropriate for you & your merit badge. If your documentation cannot be contained within the hexagon on a flat page of paper, you might consider posting your documentation online (even if it is privately posted) & adding a QR code to the hexagon. 

  • Photographs

  • Drawings 

  • Sketches

  • Paintings

  • Text 

    • Lettering

    • Stamping 

    • Word art 

  • QR code to an online documentation

    • Video - vlog, time lapse, 

    • Live performance 

    • Written story 

    • Poetry

    • Short story

    • Blog post

    • Animation

    • Music

Art & Adventure are everywhere!

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