Month of Creativity

Merit Badge

Utilize the monthly Creative Prompts posted by the Art Adventure Club to give your creativity a kick in the pants! 

  • To achieve this badge you *must* participate every day for one whole calendar month utilizing the AAC Monthly Creative Prompt Challenge. 

    • You do not have to do this during any particular month, but it must be an entire month (28-31 days) consecutively.

    • There is no requirement to post online throughout the month, but if you do, please use the hashtags: #artadventureclub #aacmeritbadge


Hive Page Documentation:

In celebration of your achievement, on your hive page include your 6 favorite prompts from that month. You may fill them in any manner you want. For historical purposes, It is helpful to include the prompt in each hexagon.  





Launched Jan 1, 2020 - via online post

Art & Adventure are everywhere!

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